Carbon Clear Contribution of Diesel Fuel


Volume: 300ml Units in a Box: 24 Box Dimensions: 242x364x202 mmBarcode: 8681020425169

Developed to prevent wear on common rail and pump injection vehicles.

Formulated with lubricant enhancing and cleaning additives. Cleans the injectors and provides precise spraying. Improves exhaust emission by increasing ignition efficiency. Reduces the formation of smoke and odor on first start-up. Prevents the formation of dirt in the fuel system and combustion chamber. Increases combustion efficiency by keeping injectors clean. Reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance. It prevents injector fouling and irregular spray. It improves the lubrication properties of low sulfur diesel fuels and provides protection against wear in the fuel pump. Diesel increases the cetane number of fuel. Provides easy combustion. It prevents corrosion formation with its antioxidant content. Suitable for use with Turbo and Catalytic Convector vehicles. For all diesel engines with / without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF); Common Rail and Pump are used as a breakdown prevention for injector technology. Compatible with turbo vehicles.

cleaning additive diesel injector cleaning injector cleaning

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