RTV Automatic Silicone - Black


Volume: 200ml Units in a Box: 12 Barcode: 8681020425282

It cures at room temperature with RTV feature. It remains flexible. On all surfaces to be installed. Provides sealing. It is a fast, single component material that fills corrosion and gaps.

Crusting occurs in a very short time, the final hardening is about 1.5 mm / day. -60°C to + 300°C (sudden shock thermal tolerance)

Motor, transmission, differential, circulation, etc. of all means of transport.

It is used in sealing of industrial machines, plastic box covers, grease caps, connection chances and other places.

It can be used for vibration and isolation in electricity and electronics. Cork can be used in place of rubber seals. The installation of the oil filter is used in heating systems and in industrial areas.

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